Independence Monument above a sea of fog filling the Grand Valley, catching the first sunlight of the day. Independence
View of The Island in the Colorado National Monument. Island View
The Second Wave in the late afternoon. Second Wave
I love the way warm reflected light plays with sandstone. Warm Curves
A very unique petroglyph near Moab, Utah. Hello - Goodbye
A small ruin hidden in southern Utah. Caprock Ruin
Reflected light and lines, two of my favorite things to photograph on the Colorado Plateau. Concurrent
Three well-executed bighorn sheep petroglyphs pecked into a canyon wall in southern Utah. Descending Sheep
A snowstorm in the distance over the Second Wave formation at Coyote Buttes North. Second Wave Storm
An intimate scene of broken sandstone, sand and reflected light on the Paria Plateau. Broken
The sandstone formations at The White Pocket take on an amazing colorful glow before sunrise. Radiate
Warm evening light on 'The Swirl' at The White Pocket. A La Mode
A lone hoodoo perched upon the edge of a canyon under the light of a Blue Moon. Otherworldly
The first snow of the season hangs on to the pine trees while the aspen trees are in their full fall colors. Fall Layers
'The Swirl' lit up by the very last remaining twilight in The White Pocket of Northern Arizona. Glow
The iconic Crystal Mill under the moon and fall colors along the Crystal River in Colorado. Iconic
Abstract fall colors in the Elk Mountains of Colorado. Blur
Cinnamon Mountain reflected in a small pond on the Paradise Divide in Colorado.  After taking this photo I climbed up to the top of that mountain for a great view of the surrounding area. Cinnamon Mountain
Just before the sun dips below the horizon during a spectacular sunset over the Grand Canyon. Royal Sunset
Alpenglow touches the peaks above Clear Lake on a beautiful Colorado morning. Clear Lake Alpenglow
Strange and amazing sandstone formations of the Paria Plateau in northern Arizona. Merge
The sun peeks up over the horizon over an unnamed canyon leading to the Grand Canyon on a beautiful morning. Seiber Point Sunrise
Fog rises out of Wedding Canyon and begins to engulf the Pipe Organ and Window Rock in the Colorado National Monument. Rising
Crows Head Spire near Canyonlands National Park is illuminated by early morning sunlight. Crows Head Spire
Rim Rock Drive in the Colorado National Monument leaves a tunnel and curves around a bend as monsoonal storms pass through the area. Curve
A beautiful sunrise over Clear Lake in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado. Clear Lake
A brilliant rainbow lights up the sky over the Ruby Range near Crested Butte, Colorado. Ruby Rainbow
Mount Baldy reflected in an alpine lake on the Paradise Divide in Colorado. Paradise Reflection
Beautiful light on Mount Baldy in the Elk Mountains of Colorado. Mount Baldy
The last light of the day strikes a few small clouds in the sky which are reflected in a small pond in Gray Copper Gulch. Cloud Reflections
Pictographs of bighorn sheep watch over these well-preserved ruins hidden in a remote canyon of Cedar Mesa. Bighorn Ruin
A small and little-known granary hidden on Cedar Mesa. The afternoon light reflects off the sandstone below and bathes this well-preserved ruin in golden light. The Golden Granary
A reflection of Sheep Mountain in Lizard Lake near Marble, Colorado. Sheep Mountain Reflection
Dappled light on a large grove of Aspens in the Elk Mountains of Colorado. Spring Aspens
Watching the Annular Solar Eclipse on May 20, 2012 near Shiprock, New Mexico was an awesome experience that I won't soon forget. Annular Solar Eclipse 2012
A beautiful view over Coyote Buttes North on the Paria Plateau. Leading Lines
Prominent white stripes accent the dark reddish-brown sandstone on the Paria Plateau in Northern Arizona. Sand Cove Racetrack
Reflected light plays nicely with the lines in the sandstone on the Paria Plateau Reflected
This well-preserved granary is very unique because of the paintings on the exterior wall. This was an amazing site to visit as I explored the remote canyons of Cedar Mesa for traces of the 'Ancient Ones' Painted Granary
These amazing colors during sunrise at Bryce Canyon lasted for less than a minute, but they were spectacular!  I've never seen anything like it before. Bryce Color
Waiting for the sun to rise over the colorful spires of Bryce Canyon on a cold morning. Bryce Canyon Sunrise
The Fire Wave catches the very last sunlight of the day. Sun-Tipped Wave
A small but very colorful slot canyon in Valley of Fire. Fire Slot
The Court of the Patriarchs in Zion National Park are struck by early morning sunlight through a break in the clouds as the Virgin River flows below. Court of the Patriarchs
Lines in the sandstone lead the way to a large mountain with checkerboard designs. Checkerboard Mountain
A remarkably well-preserved petroglyph panel depicting a bighorn sheep and many vertical lines. Sheep & Lines
Light strikes the Second Wave through a break in the clouds above on the Paria Plateau. Second Wave Lines
One of the more unusual sandstone formations I have ever come across. Half & Half
Fog fills Monument Canyon and the Grand Valley as the sun rises.

This photo is very special to me as it was the last photo I created that my mom saw before she passed away earlier this year.

Look for this photo in the 2013 Colorado National Monument calendar for the month of January. Monumental Fog
After a storm left a fresh layer of snow over the Colorado National Monument, fog filled the Grand Valley in the distance and slowly rose up into Monument Canyon. Valley of Fog
An outstanding sunrise from a spectacular viewpoint near Canyonlands. Marlboro Point Awakening
The late evening sunlight breaks free through the clouds and illuminates parts of these large mesas near Castle Valley. Mesa Light
A beautiful elk petroglyph hidden on the Moab Rim. Moab Rim Elk
The early morning sun lights up these interesting clouds above the Fisher Towers before rising up over the horizon. Richardson Sunrise
Red and yellow colored stripes in the Navajo Sandstone on the Paria Plateau, known as The Wave.  Often photographed, but still awe-inspiring in person. The Wave
Beautiful reflected light and lines play off of each other in this narrow sandstone passage. Passage
My favorite petroglyph panel during a beautiful sunset in Dinosaur National Monument. Sun Shield Warrior
Jared takes a photo of the White Pocket from above with a very interesting sky.  We were dodging wind and rain all day. Above the White Pocket
The Moab Maiden under the Big Dipper in the night sky. Under the Dipper
White shield-like figures are painted over much older and fainter pictographs near Peekaboo Spring. Peekaboo Shields
For less then two minutes on the summer solstice, an arrowhead of light appears on the head of this very large snake petroglyph. Solstice Snake
Laying on the floor of a small alcove high above the canyon floor I was memorized by all the intricate details found in this ancient Barrier Canyon Style pictograph panel. Transformation
Beautiful early morning sunlight bounces off the ancient walls and through the doorways of Pueblo Bonito in Chaco Canyon. Ancient Doorways
An amazing Basketmaker petroglyph depicting a large Crane. Big Crane
The Great Hunting Scene at the confluence of Cottonwood Canyon and Nine Mile Canyon. The Great Hunt
The Moab Maiden under the stars swirling above. Into the Vortex
The view through Mesa Arch in Canyonlands National Park. Mesa Arch
A bend in the Colorado River from Dead Horse Point State Park at sunrise. Colorado Bend
The silhouette of Double Arch stands out against the twilight of the sky. Double Arch Twilight
One of my favorite Barrier Canyon Style pictographs found in the San Rafael Swell. Skeleton Shaman
An ancient tower sits on the rim of a deep canyon with the stars circling above. Mule Canyon Tower
The well-known and over-photographed House on Fire ruins of Cedar Mesa. Flaming Roof
This amazing Barrier Canyon Style pictograph, known as the Moqui Queen, is painted at the back of a very large and impressive alcove. The Queen's Alcove
Layers of different colored sandstone, mountains and cloudy sky with a little dappled light on top.  View from The Land of Standing Rocks in Canyonlands National Park. Colorful Layers
Snow & Aspen up on top of the Grand Mesa in Colorado.  Taken while snowshoeing along the West Bench Trail. Snow & Aspen
A remote ruin in Southern Utah hidden in a deep alcove. The Dollhouse
Newspaper Rock in Southern Utah is covered with many petroglyphs. Newspaper Rock
After visiting the Great Sand Dunes in the evening, I caught this beautiful stormy sunset as we were about to leave the area. Dunes on Fire
While photographing a clearing storm at the Colorado National Monument, I looked down and saw my shadow surrounded by it's own rainbow on the thin clouds below.  This optical phenomenon is known as a brocken spectre or glory and is created by the diffraction of light around a subject which is transposed onto the clouds below. Personal Rainbow